неделя, 31 август 2014 г.

Sebastian Greenwood - a real leader and qualified marketing professional

When it comes to International Business and Marketing, there is no person more qualified, professional and upstanding that comes to mind than Sebastian Greenwood. I have had the chance to work with him and I can confidently say that he is one of the most experienced, balanced and inspiring leaders I have met.

            Ever since he entered the Mediahead AB team in Stockholm, his presence was felt by every member in a positive way. He managed to motivate those around him, while also keeping a goal-oriented, strategic perspective upon the organization’s current state of affairs. Sebastian had no issues in merging both the macro purpose of the business with the individual obstacles and difficulties each co-worker faced. On a day-to-day basis, his behaviour was exemplary towards his colleagues and it is no surprise that he became a pivotal part of our team, as he was always looking to build and gain the confidence of those around him.

            As I got to know him better, I found out that he previously worked in Singapore, Germany and England and it was obvious how these experiences have transformed him into the leader that is aware of people’s issues, as well as of the administrative problems that they face. Moreover, his experience gave him a keen understanding of various cultures, as well as the opportunity to fluently speak no less than four languages. Having travelled quite a bit, he acquired a great deal of knowledge about the ways he could cooperate with individuals belonging to different cultures or having beliefs opposite to his. He did so especially by emphasizing the common goal that brought this business together and the means and methods that need to be considered in achieving these goals.

            Although respectful and mannered, Sebastian Greenwood is also a warm person with those that seek to know his character better. Behind the professional attitude of forming business partnerships, directing economic plans and guidelines or establishing long-lasting organizational strategies, Sebastian is interested in art, cooking and Formula 1. Nobody would have thought that such a hard-working person had time for such intricate hobbies. He always tries to keep in touch with the international wine and culinary scene, whereas his passion for water and the sea led him to be an advanced open-water diver and a possessor of an international yachting license.

            I believe that Sebastian Greenwood can be the decisive aspect of a new-found business or the element that is missing from an already well-established, but lacking organization. In my experience, he always managed to find the weaker points of a plan or strategy and to reinforce them in a diplomatic manner, focusing on his colleague’s skills, rather than their difficulties.